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Deck repair and replacement services

Whether you have purchased a new home or looking to renovate the current design, an exquisite deck and porch construction gives your house a lively ambiance. Our porch building and decking services in Chicago is a complete solution for all your deck repair, construction and design needs.

How we do it?

At Windows Restore, we provide pocket friendly and professional services. Not only that we provide built in cleaning, but also deep cleaning using a power washer to instantly give your deck a newer look. Here are the steps that we take to ensure your deck’s durability:


Removing dirt

Our Experts wash your deck using a pressure washer prior to performing the repair work. This helps in getting rid of dust as well as wood fibers that are hard to clean otherwise. Remember, one has to be extra careful to keep the pressure pipe moving so as to avoid the wood to gouge. Once this step is over, the deck is left overnight to dry


The repair work

Once the deck is washed and dried completely, the needed repair work is carried out. Be it replacing the cracked wooden planks, fixing the nails or loose railings, everything is fixed in place before the final painting and sealing step.


Coating your deck

The next step is to paint the deck with deck paint. Try to get your deck painted twice a year. This conceals small wear and tear and keep your deck look as new.This is carried out under direct sunlight.


Protecting from damages

When the wood comes in contact with water and sunlight, it starts rotting. We make sure to seal the deck with a sealant after the repair work and paint so as to make it last longer. The sealant is applied evenly all over the deck and contains UV protection against possible sun damage.

Inspect your Deck for Signs of Wear & Tear

Most of the times, the dirt gathers in the slits and gaps of wood and settles there. Not cleaning it on regular basis causes the wood to rot earlier than expected.

Never ignore the nail which comes out of place and make sure you fix it immediately. Having pets and kids at home makes it even more important to not to let any protruding nails exposed, but they should be pulled out or fixed properly. Similarly, if there are planks that are cracked, they will gradually weaken your porch structure as it gets worst with the passage of time. When you observe these cracks, know that it is time to contact us.

Sweep your deck regularly and this way you can preserve its look for longer. You can use a light detergent to remove the dirt that settles in the wooden gaps causing early decay of wood. This light cleaning can be done on your own and doesn’t require a lot of technique

Deck repair

How much does deck repair cost?

Well! It largely depends on the problem that you need to get fixed. If you have a simple wooden deck,the repair cost can be anywhere between $100-$500. However, there are different price ranges for repair/replacement, stair replacement, railing fix and repair considering the equipment, skills and expertise required to carry out the task.