Know the importance of first impression? The way your storefront appears is crafts a perception of how professional and worthy are your products or services.  Beka Window Repair sustains the reputation of building elegant and visually appealing storefronts. By using high quality glass and state of the art processes, the look of your storefront becomes more promising. 

Help your business stand out from others.

How we can help?

Your business needs to appear modern and inviting. The design that you choose for your storefront has to be unique from other businesses near or around your shop. Let us convert your dream storefront into a reality you can be proud of.

What do we offer?

Commercial aluminum storefront installation

Aluminum storefront doors

Glass and aluminum storefront doors

Aluminum is the most popular, economical, and attractive material available in the market used for storefront doors. Aluminum and glass combined make for a sophisticated and polished option for your storefront. Not only that these doors are low maintenance and durable but also weather resistant and secure. The doors we install can either be push or pull, or both ways, as well as easily and securely lockable. Our team can guide what works best for you and then get the doors installed to instantly uplift your business.

Glass repair or replacement

If your storefront’s glass is spotty or cracked, little is your chance to get customers. No matter the amount of money and efforts you’ve spent on the interior of your shop, if people can’t see what’s in there for them, they will not come inside and make a purchase. If your storefront glass needs a repair or replacement, do not delay! We have specially designed glass for your storefront and an our experienced team carefully handles your storefront glass repair and installation with glass that is suitable for your need.

Storefront window installation

Glass window display

Clear glass windows have multiple advantages. They help display your products while at the same time make your store appear expansive, alluring and bright by letting the light spill through the glass. These windows have been used since decades and still are in fashion because of their quality to draw attention. We not only offer installation services, but also provide you storefront window repair services.

StoreFront repair

Tainted glass storefronts

This is a relatively new trend where you entice the customers by hinting them what’s inside so they decide to check it out. Choose from our finest quality storefront glass construction options to attract the curios ones out there.

Storefront glass installation

Frosted glass storefronts

Customers love solving mysteries. A frosted glass storefront will convince them to find out what is hidden behind it. Having a salon or a spa makes it essential for you to guard your customers’ privacy, and frosted glass storefronts can be the ideal solution for this kind of business.

An Added Benefit of Aluminum Doors and Windows

Is your store located on a busy street? What else can you ask for if you have these noise-blocking double-paned glass and aluminum windows with a high STC number? The higher the Sound Transmission Class, the more it blocks the sound.

We Take Care of your Picture Windows

Our team is well trained to fix your picture windows against any kind of damage, be it an accident or by a natural disaster. Our highly skilled and qualified glaziers are dedicated to provide you with top-notch services for your entire storefront repair and installation related needs.

Replace the Glass, Keep the sash

Does your window or glass door look foggy? Or there’s a crack in your glass? We replace the thermo pane while making use of the existing sash so you don’t need to get an entire window or door re-installed.

our specialty

There’s something special about us!

Who doesn’t want a storefront that appears classy yet durable so you don’t have to get the repair work done every now and then? You can count on us for our courteous staff and free post installation services, where we cater to your problems even after finishing the installation work.